Umbria newsletters from 2015

Umbria Newsletter Autumn 2015

Villa in Umbria news

The past months we decided to give it a try at the German holiday market and spent a lot of time with the translation of our website in German. Let's see whether we can attract some more German guests to the beautiful green heart of Italy:

New holiday rental

Just over the border from Umbria, in Tuscany, is this comfortable holiday apartment. It is surrounded by a typically Tuscan landscape, whilst it is at only 10 minutes from Umbria. An ideal location to visit both regions of Italy: Casa Valdichiana.

Cantina Gattavecchi in Montepulciano

Sylvia recently got involved with the export of Gattavecchi wines abroad. Gattavecchi is a historical name in Montepulciano Tuscany. They produce high quality wines, like Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva, Vino Rosso di Montepulciano and Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

Since last year Luca Gattavecchi together with Lorenzo Paganelli invented a new wine called Quotidiano. This wine is made of 100% Italian grapes. It is a delicious table wine with on its label a copy of an Italian newspaper of 100 years ago. Each edition of the wine will have a new "old" story to tell. The aim of this project is to bring Italian culture together with wine. This project is realized together with the University of Siena, Italian communication employers and young artists.

And apart from all that it also is an excellent wine!

Next Summer 2016 Gattavecchi will organise trekking tours at the Poggio alla Sala winery in Montepulciano, with wine tastings and local organic food. Montepulciano is very close to Umbria, hence also interesting for guests visting Umbria especially when staying in the Trasimeno or Perugia area. We will keep you informed!

Blogs about restaurants in Umbria

Many of you have already been to Umbria and have tried first hand the excellent local cuisine, one of the most outstanding in Italy. As it is, every year we end up trying a few new restaurants. We add these restaurants to our restaurant map of Umbria, freely available for our guests. Have a read through the blogs we wrote this year about the restaurants we tried:

Ristorante Pesce d'Oro at Lake Chiusi in Tuscany, just over the border with Umbria.

Osteria La Cruccola in Acqualoreto, between Todi and Orvieto.

9cento casual restaurant in the centre of Spoleto.

Bottega dei Vecchi Sapori in Colfiorito.

Ristorante l'Oso at Isola Maggiore, one of the islands on Lake Trasimeno.

Ristorante Antica Dogana in Tuoro sul Trasimeno.

Events in Umbria in 2016

Maybe you are considering a holiday in Umbria in 2016? Check out this information about yearly events in Umbria and go and visit when you are in the area. It is a great experience and will surely enrich your holiday memories.

April 17, 2016: Festa del Tulipano in Castiglione del Lago
April 30 - May 1, 2016: Cantamaggio in Terni
April - May 2016: Corsa all’Anello in Narni
6 - 8 May, 2016: Calendimaggio in Assisi
May 15, 2016: Festa dei Ceri in Gubbio
May 28 and 29, 2016: Infiorata del Corpus Domini in Spello
May 2016: Mercato delle Gaite in Bevagna
May - June 2016: I Vini nel Mondo in Spoleto
June 24 - July 10, 2016: Spoleto dei 2 Mondi in Spoleto
July 8 - 17, 2016: Umbria Jazz in Perugia
Last weekend in July 2016: Palio delle Barche in Passignano sul Trasimeno
July 2016: Trasimeno Blues around Lake Trasimeno
August 2016: Todi Arte festival in Todi
August 2016: Corciano festival in Corciano
August 8 - 19, 2016: Montefalchese in Montefalco
August, 2016: Palio di San Rufino in Assisi
September 2016: Enologica in Montefalco
Oktober 2016: I Primi d’Italia in Foligno

Note that this list is not complete. Follow our social media for up to date information about what to do in Umbria.

Umbria Newsletter Summer 2015

Restaurants in Umbria

It is some years now that we have been collecting addresses of restaurants in Umbria. All are restaurants where we ate ourselves or that have been recommended to us by our guests. These restaurants have been grouped into a practical map with links to more information. Bookmark it in your browser when visiting Umbria, it may come in handy! 

Here we highlight two of these restaurants. They are run by the owners of two of the holiday rentals on our website: A Montefalco en Countryhouse Dante.

The first is ristorante pizzeria l'Archibugio in Lugnano, near Trestina. This is in between Umbertide and Città di Castello just outside of the tiny hamlet Lugnano. From here you have wonderful views over the green hills and the friendly owners are always present. They serve a typical Umbrian cuisine in a cosy atmosphere. Also local people come here which always is a good sign. 

The second restaurant is in the centre of Montefalco on the main square: Enoteca Federico II. An ideal spot to sip a drink and watch the people pass by. It is an enoteca so for the wine connaisseurs amongst you this is a good place to go. Guests of Villa in Umbria will have a 10% discount for lunch or dinner. All you need to do, to obtain this discount is to show the page of the restaurant linked to the restaurant map or to print this pdf and take it with you. If you haven't booked a holiday rental via Villa in Umbria but you are in Umbria anyway, feel free to use this discount.


The Romans and Hannibal

Did you know that Hannibal defeated the Romans at Lake Trasimeno in Umbria in 217 b.C.? Much has been written and studied about this battle. Nowadays in Tuoro sul Trasimeno where the battle took place, there is a group of man that as a hobby participate in presentations and reenactments dressed as the Roman soldiers at that time. They have been working for months to rebuild a Roman military camp and two weeks ago a large reenactment of the battle was organized. Up to 140 men from all over Italy and even from Spain participated. Have a look at the pictures here.

Last minute discounts 

Are you still looking for a holiday in July or August? Have a look at our last minute page with discounted prices for holiday rentals in Umbria. You may find your ideal holiday rental here. Send us an email and we'll be happy to advice you.

New holiday rental 

On our website a new holiday rental has been added: Assisi Apartments. It is one of these places where you feel at home immediately. The apartments are stylishly furnished, wonderful views around, good pool and though it is in the midst of the Monte Subasio nature reserve Assisi is just 15 minutes away. They still have some availability in July and August!

Umbria blogs

Many blogs have been posted in the past few months. Here is just an impression:

About Norcia

About the Isola Maggiore at Lake Trasimeno

Meet the owner of Villa Ecologica

Cycling in Rome

Restaurant review Antica Dogana

Umbria Newsletter Spring 2015


We have been quite busy the past months. Amongst other things we participated in the creation of a Perugia city walk to download from the Dutch Ciao Tutti blog about Italy. For our english readers it is a pity this city walk is in Dutch, but I did collect the pictures made for the occasion in a small video that you can watch on our youtube channel or Umbria Blog.

We were assisted by the Guide in Umbria. They offer guided tours in Umbria for tourists from any age and experience. If you are in Umbria and want to learn a bit more about the towns you see, a tour with Guide in Umbria is definitely recommended!

Blogs about Umbria

Saint Francis of Assisi - a short history.

Monte del Lago - a tragic love story.

Sansepolcro en Anghiari - a visit to Tuscany, just over the border with Umbria.

Oasi La Valle - a nature reserve at Lake Trasimeno.

Todi - the well known Umbrian town.

Spoleto - About the Santa Maria Assunta church and more.

Dinosaurs in Gubbio

In Gubbio these days is an exhibition of dinosaurs. It is not a large exhibition, but there are real skeletons of large dinosaurs from Patagonia in Argentina. Why on earth in Gubbio, Umbria, not the most well known place in Italy?

It is actually at Gubbio, more precisely in the rocks of the Bottaccione Gorge near Gubbio, that one can study earth layers of 65 million years ago, when dinosaurs and many other species went extinct. It is a precious area for paleontologists and in the eighties of the last century the element iridium was found here. An element that is common in our solar system and enforces the theory of a large meteorite colliding with the earth and causing the extinction of the dinosaurs and most of the other species living at the time.

There are so many things to discover in Umbria!

Spring discount

Still looking for a week away in May? Have a look at the last minute offers on our website. Send us an email and we'll be glad to give you some advice.

Umbria Newsletter Winter 2015

Umbria pictures 2014

So far winter hasn't really arrived in Umbria. Here and there a rose is still flowering and I even spotted the first wild daffodils. At the moment it seems we are getting a few "colder" days. A lot of people are hoping it will seriously freeze for a while, or are at least hoping for some night frost. This year the olive harvest was completely ruined by a small insect whose larves ate all the olives. A serious problem for many Italians. Apparently some real cold in winter will make sure that these insects do not survive.

In this newsletter, I'd like to present to you a selection of pictures we made in Umbria over the past year: Umbria as seen through our eyes in 2014. 

Blogs about Umbria

Christmas in Assisi.

Sunny days in January.

Worth a visit: Cascata delle Marmore.

Back to the middle ages, walking through Gubbio.

Spring offer - discounts in April and May

Do you feel like discovering the undiscovered Umbria? Why not do that in spring when temperatures here are mild compared to the north of Europe and when tourists are still hard to find. Peace and quietness, culture, good food and being away from the usual daily stress. Several houses have discounts outside of the high season and quite a few participate in the last minute spring promotion: 10% off for a week's stay in Umbria in the months of April and May. Send us an email and we'll be glad to give you some advice.

Did you know?

At the moment in the local newspapers we read about the animated discussion between tourism industry and local authorities that want to introduce a tourism tax. It's a few years now that towns are allowed to implement a tourism tax in Italy. Most larger cities in Italy have already done so. In Umbria it has been the city of Perugia where tourists are asked to pay this tax. It is the responsibility of the owners of hotels, B&B's, campings etc. to ask their guests for this tax. They will have to write a separate receipt for this and these receipts together with the money collected, will have to be taken to the town hall. Bureaucracy at its best!

In these times of crisis that hit hard on Italy, many towns have problems closing their budget. The most used argument against this tax is that the towns are using it to close their balance more positively whilst the money should be used to improve tourism services. We wouldn't be surprised if here and there, just before the start of the high season, this tax will be implemented anyway causing extra work and hassle to the owners of holiday rentals, hotels etc. We'll wait and see.