Umbria Newsletters from 2011-2012-2013


After a beautiful summer that was not exceptionally hot, we now enjoy the colours of autumn. The first roasted chestnuts have been tasted, the olive harvest has just started and one can still spot some sporadic tourists here and there.


For Villa in Umbria this is a time of important changes. As announced in the last newsletter Willemijn is going to leave us for other adventures, starting a new life in Tuscany. Saskia will continue with Villa in Umbria and will be supported by Sylvia. Sylvia is from Rotterdam in Holland and started her working career as a secretary at the Erasmus Medical Centre and with OC&C Strategy Consultants in Rotterdam. In 2009 she left for Italy where she had all kinds of jobs from cappuccino making in the Val di Fassa (in the Dolomites near Trento and Bolzano) up to secretary in a hotel at the coast in Tuscany. From November 2013 she is actively joining Villa in Umbria.

We will miss Willemijn but new doors will open up, both for Villa in Umbria and for Willemijn.

This is Sylvia at an Umbrian wine and beer tasting event she organised in Holland on the 13th of October, in collaboration with Umbria Beecoming.

Sylvia van der Male

Autumn in Umbria

Last week from the 18th to the 27th of October was the yearly Eurochocolate festival in Perugia. This large event is organised every year in October and one can see and taste lots and lots of chocolate. This year also a smaller event was organised in the town of Città di Castello. From the 18th to the 20st of October one could visit the alternative chocolate event: Altrocioccolato - other chocolate. Here there was only attention for alternative chocolate producers from the developing world, as well as handcrafts. This smaller and more quiet chocolate festival we personally like better then its more commercial counterpart Eurochocolate.

In autumn one can still go to some sagra's in Umbria promoting the local produce of this time of the year: chestnuts, truffles and within a short time also the new olive oil. The new oil has a very green colour when coming from the presses and it tastes very different from the oil one can buy during the summer period (which has been in barrels or bottles for some months).

New apartments

Recently we added two new apartments: La Nuvola apartments. Two basic apartments on a beautiful spot overlooking the Lake Trasimeno and surrounded by age old olive trees. Price/quality is good. It is an ideal spot for two families traveling together or a family with grandparents. That way the pool is for private use.

By the way: the waterlevel of Lake Trasimeno has improved a lot this year due to much rain last winter and in spring. Did you know that this lake is one of the Living Lakes from Unesco? It is in the list together with famous lakes and wetlands like for instance the Lake District in Engeland or Lake Balaton in Hungary.

Halloween and I Santi

The 1st and 2nd of November have always been bank holidays in Italy: I Santi. It is All Saints' and All Souls' Day, the commemoration of Saints, followed by the commemoration of beloved who passed away. In Perugia this also is the time of an enormous market and, if possible an even larger

. It's some years now that Halloween is being celebrated also, often by younger italians. Pumpkins are ready to be cut and in this period also used a lot when cooking or baking.

Many sceptical Italians do not know that Halloween is not an occasion imported from the US, but indeed an old European tradition. This is what we read about Halloween in a local newspaper: The Celts celebrated the end of the summer trying to avert the upcoming cold and difficult winter. This day was called "Samhain" (the end of the summer) and for the Celts this was the last day of their yearly calender. The evening of this day did not belong to the summer (old year), nor to the winter (new year) and was seen as a period of time belonging to nothing and nobody where it was possible for the living to meet the death. Afraid to meet the death the people vested themselves as zombies or monsters, hoping this would scare off the death.

Reading this, it seems logical that in Catholic Italy, where the death are commemorated on the 2nd of November, that an old tradition like Halloween is kept alive.

Newsletter Spring 2013

Finally spring has come. Temperatures are lovely and everything is fresh and green. Beautiful colors because everywhere you look, something is in flower.

The Trasimeno Lake is in better shape than ever before with high water levels. Our winter has been very wet and the lake needed that. Not only the lake could do with a wet winter by the way, the whole of nature is benefitting.

What to do in Umbria

On our blog we do write about Umbria and occasionally also about a town or activity in Umbria. Go to our blog ( and click on the category 'Things to do in Umbria'. You will find posts about Assisi, Bevagna, Spello and more.

Cycling in Umbria

Umbria is a wonderful region to cycle through (or in). The hills are a bit of a challenge, but most are not steep and the up hill parts do not last forever (although sometimes it feels like they do!). Also, there are real beautiful routes through the various valleys.

The website gives some nice suggestions, but there are many more (especially for reasonably trained cyclists who do not mind some hills).

Our Vimeo channel cycling in Umbria has a few short video's you can watch to get an impression of the joy, the beauty and the views.

Do note that in summer the temperatures are high, so if you plan on cycling, do take your alarm clock with you as well!

New holiday rentals on our website

We have added a lovely private villa with swimming pool to our portfolio. Il Paradiso Assisi. The villa has 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and is comfortable, with a snooker table as added entertainment. The garden is lovely for children, with a glider that glides from one end of the garden to the other. The views are never to forget. As the name suggests, the villa is not far from Assisi.


We will mention it again and we are very sorry to bother you with it ... but we have a facebook page and your 'Like' will help us. What a world! However, we do believe liking our facebook page is worth it because we post nice pictures about Umbria and not a lot of text. An easy way to keep updated with all Umbria has to offer.

Newsletter Winter 2013

It is already time for our Winter Newsletter again ... Time flies!

We have had a wet winter so far. We do need the water desperately, however this weather does not make anybody really happy when it lasts too long! My old well does have water in it now. The same well did not give a drop of water last year.

Also Lake Trasimeno is filling up, which is great news always. It is not yet on the right level, but maybe it will be getting there.


Flarden mist in Umbrie Italie



We have been making videos of the holiday rentals we have in our portfolio for several years now. You can view these on our  villainumbria Youtube channel . (If you happen to enjoy these videos, please hit the 'like' button below the video. This will help us getting better visibility!).

In the weeks before Christmas we have started a new video project. We are interviewing people in Umbria. So far we have done an interview with the owners of the organic cheese farm Il Biologico and the owner of Casa Acqualoreto . These short videos can be viewed on our new  Vimeo channel and on the web pages of the rentals on our website.

Interviews in Umbrie Italie

We have also made several video's while biking through Umbria. You do get a bit of an impression of the beauty Umbria has to offer. I hope to add more of these bike video's (if I will not fall off and hurt myself). Do keep an eye on our video channels for updates and more about Umbria.


Olijfbomen snoeien UmbrieTerni is the city of Saint Valentine, the city of love. In February there are many activities here 'Eventi Valentiniani'. Also a chocolate festival takes place in Terni, called Cioccolentino. This will be from 9-14 February. In case you decide to visit Terni, don't miss the spectacular Marmore Falls very close to Terni.

In Norcia the yearly Truffle Fair 'Nero Norcia' will take place the last weekend of February and the first of March. When visiting Norcia, don't stop there if you have time. Driving up to the Piano Grande is really worth it. A vast plain high up in the mountains, with the village of Castelluccio proudly overlooking the area. Famous for the lentils and the flowering (but the flowering is in the end of spring).

Furthermore rural Umbria will be pruning the olive trees the coming months. Everywhere you will see men on ladders slowly filling the ground below with olive branches. Also the vineyards will be turned into neatly trimmed rows, a joy for the eye!

It is the period of the year where we all are getting tired of winter, looking forward to the spring. After this grey and wet winter this yearning will be even more prominent.

Monniken Umbrie


Our Umbria blog is updated regularly with news and photo's. We write about restaurants, things we have been doing in Umbria and we post pictures and video's.

You can subscribe to the blog, receiving an email every time we posted something new about Umbria.



We have had a Facebook page for some time now, but never really knew what to do with it. That has changed. We have started to post pictures, links and video's here, all about Umbria.

Follow Villainumbria on Facebook by going to our page and clicking on 'Like' on the top!

Obviously all the video's and pictures about Umbria can never replace the real thing. Therefore, we do hope you will come to Umbria and experience first hand the beauty, the lovely people and the excellent food and wines.

See you in Umbria!

Sunset Umbria


Newsletter Autumn 2012

The past summer has been a hot and very dry one. Still now (and I am writing this on October the 24th) it is very dry and warm. We did get some rain, but so far all irrigation lakes are dry and the small streams that wind their way through the Umbrian valleys, emptying their contents in the Tiber river, are also totally without water.

I have to admit I do not enjoy rain, unless the occasional thunderstorm at the end of a hot summer day. However, we desperately need rain so I am really looking forward to it.

Right now the centre of Perugia is heaving with activity, all chocolate related. The streets are lined with market stalls of many different chocolate producers from around the globe. During the week days one can still visit Perugia centre, but in the weekends it is impossible to get in, unless you have a lot of patience.

The past weekend Umbria also had the 'altrocioccolato' festival, which is a fair trade alternative for Eurochocolate. Castiglione del Lago hosted it. A lovely event, far less busy and with products that are good for the third world and the environment.

Wine and olive oil
Due to the hot and dry summer, the Umbrian wine year of 2012 will be a difficult one, with very strong wines (high alcohol percentage). The grapes did contain a high sugar level and when making wine, the sugar in the grapes is being turned into alcohol by the yeasts. That is the basic wine making process. The more sugar, the more alcohol (up to a certain level, after that the wine will remain sweet).

The olive harvest in Umbria is also likely to be very small this year. Many trees do not bear any fruit at all. Here and there some farms have started to pick their olives (some areas do have them luckily) but most will get going the moment the temperatures drop.

olijf-druif2New houses
We have been visiting a number of new holiday rentals in the past two months. Most did not pass our test for one reason or the other, but we did add several nice villas. 

You can see an overview with all the villas we have added lately.

One that is specifically worth mentioning is 'Villa per Gruppi', a large villa with 9 bedrooms, sleeping up to 20 guests. The furniture and finishing is absolutely delightful, with beautiful colors and materials. The villas position is great as well and you can get an in-house chef, ideal for a relaxing group holiday.

Online CHAT
We are as always responding very fast to any email we receive. In case you have urgent questions on the spot, you can now contact us also via the online chat. If we are online, you will see on the right hand side of the website a green invitation to chat with us. It is working very well so far, so feel free to try it out if you have questions we can help you with.

New quiz
Lastly … we have added a new quiz, the Umbria Autumn Quiz. Ten questions about Umbria. Test your knowledge and learn something about this region, or if you get all ten questions right, feel proud of how well you know the region already. Fill in the Umbria quiz.


Newsletter Summer 2012

... and summer it is! One heatwave follows the other and we are in the middle of a record drought here. This already has been a dry winter and spring, so not a real surprise Umbria is having a water problem.
Umbria Jazz has ended, with Sting as its final concert. Trasimeno Blues has also just finished, the grain has been harvested some time ago and the mighty sunflowers are slowly drying in the fields. 
Time flies! Everywhere in Umbria you will find traditional village feasts, where the locals sit at long tables and eat. After dinner the fun starts ... dancing. Old couples will circle the floor, their bodies well in tune after all those years of practice. The children do their first attempts at dancing by wildly jumping up and down. All ages in between give their best shot at being elegant despite the heat and - occasionally- lack of rhythmic sense.

There is no greater joy than being part of this, either securely watching it all from the side or letting go a little bit and try a little dancing yourselves.

We do have very nice last minute Umbria offers, so if you still have some time, do have a look and come to Umbria!

Summer quiz

We made an interesting quiz about Umbria. You can do this quiz online and after finishing you get the right answers with some explanation. So the least you get out of doing this quiz is some extra knowledge about Umbria.

What's on in Umbria the coming months?

Apart from the lovely village feasts (sagras), the nice weather, the peace and quiet and the beautiful views one can enjoy almost anywhere in Umbria, there are also several bigger festivals really worth a visit.
In August we have several classical music festivals in Castel Rigone, Preggio (Opera) and Perugia. In Gubbio we have a Jazz Festival with less famous artists than we had during the Umbria Jazz festival (every year in the beginning of July), but still very high quality performances. In Orvieto you can go to the Umbria Folk Festival and Narni organizes the Black Festival (Blues).

In September the famous Festival delle Nazioni will be held in Citta di Castello and we will have the Sagra Musicale Umbra and the Umbria Music Fest (all classical music).

Furthermore in September we have the 'Primi d'Italia' in Foligno, a yearly recurring food event, all about the pasta, risotto and other first courses Italy is so famous for.

New holiday rentals ...

In September we (Saskia and I) will start visiting new holiday rentals again and if we see a nice house with friendly and reliable owner, we will add it to our portfolio. We have a long list with properties we need to visit, many owners have asked us if we would want to help them find clients. The trips are always good fun to do, discovering yet another small part of this beautiful region. 
We also take houses out of our portfolio and this way we do keep ourselves busy. As always trying hard to provide our guests with the best holiday rentals on the nicest spots in Umbria.

See you in Umbria!


Newsletter Spring 2012

After unusually lots of snow (for Umbria) in February, we just had almost 2 months of sunshine and very warm days. This obviously resulted in drought, causing panic attacks all over Umbria (and the rest of Italy). Despite the drought, we really did (secretly) enjoy the beautiful days.





Umbria in spring

Umbria appeals in every season because there is always something to do, the least would be to relax and enjoy the hills, fresh air, nature and silence. All abundant in Umbria, especially in a holiday rental away from it all. 

Apart from this, Umbria has several spring events. In May we have the Corsa all'Anello in Narni, the Calendimaggio in Assisi and the Festa dei Ceri in Gubbio. All three are village events, intensively celebrated by locals as well as some tourists. It really it a lovely experience to visit these events. The Umbrians have been keeping the traditions alive (and kicking) since ages. 

In June we also have several big events like the Palio della Balestra in Gubbio, Festa della Palombella in Orvieto, the Giostra della Quintana in Foligno, the Infiorate of Spello (absolutely incredible to see the 'paintings' made with flower petals on the roads), Il Mercato delle Gaite in Bevagna and finally the international music festival in Spoleto: Festival dei due Mondi.
More information can be found on

palazzo-trinci-folignoUmbria this summer

Like every year, also this year Umbria Jazz will be the main spectacle. This year Sting will be here, among many other artists. 

Furthermore the summer is filled with other music festivals like: 
- the Trasimeno Music Fest 
- the Gubbio Summer Festival 
- Trasimeno Blues 

and in August:
- Gubbio No Borders Festival 
- Umbria Folk Festival
(amongst many others!) 

Again … check the To Do in Umbria website for information, also about many other things, like the village feasts (sagras). 
Here you will enjoy excellent dinners, seated on long tables between all the local Italians. For those who like dancing a sagra really should not be missed. After dinner usually young and old venture out onto the dance floor. A lovely spectacle, authentically Italian.

Meet Villa in Umbrie

We already mentioned in our previous newsletter that we would be organizing a guided tour and aperitif  in Castel Rigone this year. We are looking forward to meeting you every Monday at 17.00 hrs (from May 28 to September 10).


The price is 10 euro per person.


The tour guide is part of 'Guide in Umbria'. They also organize on Tuesdays morning a tour in Perugia and on Thursday morning in Assisi. Absolutely not to miss!


Ai! We do notice the 'crisis'. We are behind on our bookings when we compare with previous years. In case you would like to visit Umbria, but your budget does not reach … do check our last minute Umbria page!

See you in Umbria!


Newsletter Winter 2012

Villa in Umbria logoWith the temperatures coming down over Europe (this time literally ... I am not talking about the Euro crisis!) nobody will be surprised to learn also Italy did see some snow this year. Some areas got loads of snow and had big trouble continuing with normal daily life. Here in Umbria most areas were covered in a manageable amount of snow, inviting for lovely walks (with cold feet) and providing wonderful picture opportunities.

On the Umbria blog you can see a few of the pictures I took in the past two weeks.

Meet Villa in Umbria!

Every year we, Villa in Umbria, are organising an interesting and informative event for our guests. The past two years we have been visiting the Montelabate Abbey. This abbey of over a 1000 years old is a real gem and the tour was entertaining and full with information about the past, intelligently linked to the present. Most likely the tour will take place also this year, but we will no longer be organising it. 
More information can be found (in the near future) on our information website, where our guests can log-in.

This year we will organise every Monday at 17.00 hrs a guided tour of the village Castel Rigone. This village is close to Perugia and looks out over the Trasimeno Lake. The 'Guide in Umbria' will provide us with some insight in the life throughout the ages and they will also give a brief highlight of the history of Umbria. An excellent start of your Umbrian holiday, plus a nice opportunity to meet us, Saskia and Willemijn. The guided tour will end with an aperitivo on a terrace overlooking the lake.

More information will follow for those who have booked a holiday rental through us. 

Other Guided Tours in Umbria
More and more good quality tours and events are organised every year in Umbria. The Guide in Umbria already did a Perugia tour for 5 euro per adult in Dutch in the past year. This year they will do the same in English as well, and apart from Perugia they will also organise a tour of Assisi, with a detailed explanation of many of the world famous frescoes in the Basilica.

I do recommend everybody to participate in these guided tours, if possible. The price is very low and the guides are excellent. They involve everybody from very young to old. In the short time (1,5 to 2 hours) you learn a lot about the history and culture in an easily entertaining way. After a tour like this, walking though old villages changes the way you see things, the whole experience of being in Umbria is enriched by the wealth of information provided by the guides. 


Why going on holiday to Umbria?
Umbria offers something for everybody! The only thing missing in Umbria is the sea. This does have the (huge) advantage that Umbria has fewer tourists and therefore is more authentic and has meny friendly people.
Umbria is foremost known for the beautiful green hills where one can unwind and relax in total tranquility, surrounded by nature and calm. Enjoy the views and space.
Just in case you will start getting bored with this, you can go and visit the many jewels of hill top towns, enjoy a country walk or walk from village to village. You can rent bikes and do some MTB trails (only for those who have a good condition, the hills can be steep!). More interested in culture? There are museums all over Umbria. In the evenings you can enjoy excellent meals in very affordable restaurants or go to a concert. There is wine tasting in many places as well. For those who like an active holiday you can hike, cycle, enjoy the green hills on horse back, you can raft and do extreme sports like paragliding and a lot more!
Ah ... forgot to mention swimming ... all holiday rentals have a swimming pool!

See you in Umbria!



Newsletter Fall 2011

Summer has come and gone, for many of you the weather has been dramatically bad in the North of Europe (don't know about other parts of the world). In Italy especially August and September have been very hot and dry and it is still dry today. The olives are hanging skinny and shriveled on their trees. They are still hanging though, so that is good news.

Umbria in fallOlijven klaar voor de pers

The coming month Umbria will be all about olives. In some places a few frantoio have already opened (a frantoio is an olive oil mill). Due to the draught no ig harvest is expected this year, but this will not spoil the fun. Soon, every household in Umbria will have the pleasure of tasting the 'bruschetta semplice' ... a toasted piece of bread with the new fragrant and peppery olive oil on top. Not much later, in the beginning on November, the joy will be complete with the arrival of the Vino Novello (the new wine).


Plenty of reason to consider visiting Umbria also in this beautiful and rich time of the year! Temperatures are pleasant and there is a lot to do, experience and taste. This is also the time of the year for mushrooms, amongst others the famous truffle. Not to forget the chest nuts (roasted over open fire ...).


Prices of our holiday rentals are also low in this season, so that should really help in making a decision. Maybe something to consider planning for a next year!

Village Feasts / Sagras

As always in Umbria, there are sagras about food. In fall especially the chest nut sagras are very popular, and we understand why. Chest nuts (castagna in Italian) are roasted over an open fire, they taste full and sweet and warm. You drink new wine with it and the contrast is lovely (the wine is fresh and fruity).

Throughout Umbria the frantoio can be visited. Find out the real work behind a bottle of olive oil and taste the oil a few minutes after it has been pressed.

There are furthermore several truffle markets worth a visit. In Citta di Castello from 4 - 6 November and in Gubbio from 28 October to 1 November.

On To Do in Umbria ( you can find more information, also about the various other nice events in Umbria.


Zonsondergang in Umbrie in november

Umbria is getting ready for winter. The wood has been stacked and already some smoke comes circling out of the chimneys to warm the cool evenings. The grapes have been harvested and the mosto is slowly turning into wine. The tomatoes have been canned and pantries are full with stock of summer produce. So ... let winter come! By the way, did you know that Umbria also has a ski resort? It does not always have snow, but for an afternoon of pleasure on skis we do not have to drive very far!

See you in Umbria!

Newsletter Summer 2011

already the second Umbria Newsletter ... time does fly!

In the meantime summer has started here, with very loud 'cicade' and 'grillo' song (they do not really sing, but let's just say they do). Temperatures reach above 30 degrees Celsius every day. For those living and working in Umbria this can be a challenging time, but for those on holiday, the heat provides a serious possibility to relax.
Feeling more like exploring the region? That is still a joy, but you will have to rise early. The mornings are still relatively fresh. After 5 pm it is also again possible to move around, although it is warmer than in the morning because the sun has heated everything by then.


The coming two weeks are all about Umbria Jazz (lasts up to the 17th of July). Umbria Jazz is an important Jazz Festival with famous stars on the main stages and less famous ones in the smaller theaters and in the centre of Perugia where free concerts are held every evening. This is a thoroughly enjoyable festival in Umbria with excellent atmosphere, so if you still have some days of holidays ... do come over! You can also keep it in mind for next year, the jazz festival takes place always around the same dates (the second and third week of July).


After Umbria Jazz you get the Trasimeno Blues festival with many free concerts in the villages around Lake Trasimeno. 

And this is not all!
This summer a lot more music can be enjoyed in Umbria, like:
•    Canti e Discanti (also called the Foligno World Festival) from 7 - 22 July in Foligno, with music, film and theatre.
•    Giovani Concertisti Festival in Castel Rigone with young artists performing classical music.
•    Musica per i Borghi are several pop concerts in the villages surrounding Marsciano.
•    Alt-r-a Musica in Piegaro is a folk music and dance festival taking place on several Sundays.
•    Assisi nel Mondo is a festival of classical music in many Umbrian cities.
In August we still have the Music Fest Perugia (all kinds of classical music) and the Gubbio Summer Festival (also classical music). In the North of Umbria the Preggio Music Festival takes place also every year.

For more information and dates (plus an overview of other activities in Umbria), please visit: To Do in Umbria



Umbria is also home to many (very many) village feasts, called 'sagras' in July and August. We have added the ones we know of on the To Do in Umbria website, but every year we notice that there are more sagras than we manage to find out about. The sagras are a joy to visit. The food is usually excellent and you are seated on long tables in the middle of the local Italian families. After dinner there is dancing, partly ballroom and partly the Italians dance in line, performing all the same steps, rather complicated. A feast for the eyes!

The coming month there are, amongst other, the following sagras (a very small sample):  the sagra dello spaghetto del carbonaio, sagra della lepre, sagra delle crepes, sagra del tartufo estivo, etc. Sagras usually have a theme, like the ones mentioned above. Luckily the menu always has more to choose from than only the theme suggests, so don't let a theme deter you from visiting! The sagras mentioned above are: sagras of the spaghetti with egg and bacon sauce, sagre of the hare, sagra of the crepes and sagra of the summer truffle.

See you in Umbria!

Newsletter Spring 2011


it did take some time but ... finally here it is! The first Villa in Umbria Newsletter with, amongst others:

- a few (very few) ideas of things to do in Umbria in the coming month
- cheap flights to Umbria and our offers for accommodation


In the coming months Umbria has a lot to offer. Apart from the usual hill-top villages, holiday rentals with pool and views to dream of, unwinding in nature, listening to bird song and looking at all the wild flowers (all these are standard fare for a visit to Umbria in spring), there are many concerts, village feasts and festivals.

We have listed a few (very few) of the possibilities:

Search and eat wild asparagus

We can not think of a better way to enjoy Umbria. Go hunt for wild asparagus and prepare them in your own kitchen. A wonderful lunch!
You can check out our asparagus-search-video to get an idea what to look for.
It is extremely easy once you know what to look for!

How can you prepare the asparagus? There are many possibilities. The easiest is to make a frittata with them. You can also make a risotto or pasta and our neighbours always eat them steamed with a bit of olive oil and salt (they always find very many).

Cantine Aperte
The last Sunday of May almost all wine makers in Umbria are open for visitors. You can drive from cantina to cantina, sample the wines and eat some small bites the cantinas usually prepare. Be merry and enjoy the wine, company of others and the hospitality of the wine-makers.

Vini del Mondo in Spoleto
A long weekend all about wine, taking place from 2-5 June. The whole of Spoleto (already worth a visit on normal days!) is about wine. Several ancient buildings are turned into showrooms and you can find wine makers everywhere. The wine is mostly from Italy, but also some from over the borders. This is an event not to miss!

There are many more small village events (sagras) with food and dancing. Immerse yourselves in atmospheres from centuries ago, enjoy the typically Italian surroundings and scenes and the excellent food you can eat on these occasions.

Assisi (Pg) – 05 / 07 Maggio 2011

Festa degli Statuti Medievali

Fossato di Vico (Pg) – 06 / 08 Maggio 2011

Festa dei Ceri

Gubbio (Pg) - 15 Maggio 2011

Check To Do in Umbria for an updated calendar with all things to do in Umbria, including sagras, concerts, big festivals, markets and anything else that can be of interest to visitors to Umbria.


From the end of March RyanAir has started flights between Bruxelles Charleroi and Perugia. However, there are many more possibilities. You can fly into Rome Fiumicino and Ciampino, fly to Florence (Firenze) or Pisa, to Bologna Forli or to Ancona.
Finding a cheap flight is not a problem and we have some nice offers for a short spring stay in an apartment or private villa in Umbria.

Special offers for a spring break in Umbria
On our special short holiday offers page you will find the apartments that have discounts for 3 or 4 nights. Arrival days are flexible and you can stay a week or less in most places. Prices are very low, like 36 euro per day per apartment at Il Mulino or around 50 euro per day per apartment in many other holiday apartments.

Don't forget to check our last minute holiday Umbria pages with very attractive last minute offers!

We are organising for our guests a not-to-miss visit to the beautiful Abbey of Montelabate, every Monday morning at 11 hrs. A historic building, over 1000 years old. During the guided tour you will see a lot and get to know some aspects of life between 1000 and 1300. The minimum number of participants is 15.

See you in Umbria!