Il Riccio

Il Riccio holiday apartment is situated at 10 km from Citta di Castello on a beautiful spot in the middle of the green Umbrian hills and not far from both Tuscany and the Marche.

"Very positive stay, excellent position, apartment fine, swiming pool good. It is a very quiet spot and that is what we were looking for."

The holiday apartment has 2 bedrooms, a living room and a bathroom. To the front of the apartment, guests can enjoy a private garden with terrace.

The apartment is in an old farmhouse with 4 other apartments. One of these is being rented as well - see Casa Porcospino for details. The pool is shared with the other apartments, but guests have their own pool furniture. The pool is 12 by 7 meters and open from half May until half September.

At 15 minutes from Città di Castello, 20 kms from the house, are the villages of Anghiari and Sansepolcro in Tuscany. Read more about these on our blog, as well as a tip for a good restaurant in Città di Castello.

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Holiday rental in Northern Umbria

One enters the apartment almost at ground level (there are 4 steps). The entrance is in the living room with large fireplace, two armchairs and a small sofa, an area with bookcase and a dining table. There is no television, but there is a CD player. The kitchen is on the left, with fridge and freezer, gas cooker, microwave and electric oven. The kitchen moreover has a lot of working space.  

The double bedroom (that can also be made up as a twin room) is on the right side of the living room. The second bedroom is only twin and has the entrance close to the entrance door, but going some steps down.

The apartment has one bathroom, with bath, bidet and shower.

There is a washing machine shared with the other rental apartment. 

There is a steep and narrow hill to drive up to the house. Since the autumn of 2012 this has been laid with concrete all the way, making the drive up much easier.

Here you can see more pictures of Il Riccio holiday rental.


Prices of this two bedroomed apartment:

Unit Low

04-03-2017 - 26-05-2017

23-09-2017 - 27-10-2017


27-05-2017 - 30-06-2017

26-08-2017 - 22-09-2017


01-07-2017 - 25-08-2017

Final cleaning
Il Riccio € 510.00 € 625.00 € 750.00   N/A

Prices are  in euro per week and all inclusive (final cleaning, utilities, towels for use in the house), apart from heating in the winter. Guests bring their own towels for the pool.

Dogs are welcome, one pays 50 Euro extra.

The arrival and departure days are totally flexible but preferably not on Saturdays and never on Sundays.

Green = available Red = booked Yellow = pending/option

Availability of Il Riccio:

From 2012:

Remark of the owner: in autumn 2012 the road up to the house has been laid with concrete making it much easier to drive up.

Dear Ladies,

very positive stay, excellent position, apartment fine, swiming pool good. It is a very quiet spot and that is what we were looking for. The road up to the house, the last few meters, were a problem. On the first attempt we did not manage to get up. We unloaded the bagage and then we managed. Maybe the owner can still do some works on the last bit of the road. We also did not like the restaurant in the little village at the bottom. All the rest was very fine, beautiful region and above all QUIET.

Best wishes, Family D


We had a good time, we had private use of the pool and home, beautiful weather with lots of sunshine, wind and blue skies. The apartment had all to make it a comfortable holiday base (apart from the fact one is mostly outside). We did not manage to do and see a lot because of our small children, and small children who suffer car sickness as well. We totally enjoyed the 'dolce far niente', the area close to the apartment, Citta di Castello (the market and Burri), Montone and our being together. We will return to Umbria one day.

One remark: maybe you will have to mention more explicitly that getting up in a normal car is rather difficult. We did not manage to drive up with our rental car. We left it at the bottom and walked up and down. We got used to it in the end.

Best wishes, Nicole en Luk, Dien, Josse and Nel.


All was OK, we enjoyed ourselves. Only problem were the horse-flies around the pool. We had to protect the children. We do not expect the owner will be able to do something about this.


Dear Saskia and Willemijn,

We thoroughly enjoyed staying in Il Riccio, partly because of its remote and beautiful setting, and partly because it has not been spoiled.  Many English owners of cottages rip out all the features of the houses they buy, ruin the interiors by putting in such modern features as smoked glass partitions and the like, and furnish them with wholly inappropriate modern furniture.  It always takes me a long time to find a cottage which is sensitively restored, and I use the photographs of interiors on websites to check them.  There is an archetypal boring English suburb near London called Surbiton, with unpleasant houses which often have tasteless modern fittings and furniture.  We always refer to horrible modern treatment of cottages by saying that they are furnished in the style of Surbiton.  We go abroad to see cottages which are as unlike Surbiton as possible!  The Redmaynes are to be congratulated on the way in which they have restored Il Riccio, in a style which is not English, and appeared to us to be genuinely Italian.  This aspect of a cottage is more important to us than having ultra-modern equipment, and we always avoid cottages which have been ruined.

We were lucky to be there at the time of year when we could eat ripe figs and plums from the garden, and having breakfast of freshly picked fruit on the beautiful terrace was a lovely feature of the cottage.

You may have heard that we had water all over the kitchen floor when a pipe burst under the sink.  Everything was handled very efficiently by Jim, with the help of Peter from downstairs, and any damage was prevented.  The only problem was that we had put the relatively large amount of food left by the Redmaynes in a cupboard at floor level, and much of it was ruined by the water.  We are sorry that so much had to be thrown away.

We really enjoyed the visit to Montelabate, and it many ways it was the highlight of our stay in Umbria.  We are grateful to you for arranging this visit.

Your website was very helpful indeed, with a great deal of really useful information.

Yours sincerely, Joanna and Christopher P.

The downpayment is 20% of the rental sum. The balance should be paid one month prior to arrival. There is no security deposit.

In Italy the tourism tax has been introduced. Each town can decide independently whether to apply this tax. It is important to keep in mind that the prices on our website do NOT include the tourism tax. Where we received confirmation from house owners that they have to ask for this tax, it is written underneath the price table.

Villa in Umbria is an intermediary and as such rents out holiday homes and apartments on behalf of their owners. When you book we will be sending an agreement in which you will find the bank details for the down payment and the final payment.

We know each vacation rental personally and also the owners of all the holiday rentals we have in our portfolio.

You can read more about us on the 'About Villa in Umbria' page.